That Time Adam Sandler Went to Africa

I agree with all of this but my response is, it is so because we as Africans have collectively failed in educating the world about our stories. Our independent and separate cultures and civilizations. Even to the very obvious fact that Africa is a continent, not a Country. Spot on rant btw, I got the chuckles.

Rant-y African't...

Ok, first of all, let’s get this unarguable fact out of the way: Adam Sandler is NOT hilarious/funny/comical in any way, shape, or form. All his movies are one wackjob after another of epically poor comedy. Somehow, he’s a popular, accomplished Hollywood actor, which is fine. Really, it is; Americans are not exactly famed for their wise choices in whom they bestow the privilege of celebrity (See: Snooki, pre-2014 KardashJenners, Miley Cyrus’ non-twerking rear etc.). So, yeah, I have hitherto let Adam Sandler blur into the mass of white Americans that are famous for absolutely nothing in particular…until now.

So Adam Sandler has a new movie out called “Blended”, starring his co-talentless Hollywood pal, Drew Barrymore. The trailer:

Quick recap:

Adam goes on a karmically bad date with Drew, and they somehow happen to know the same person who has TWO tickets to Africa, this person gives them the tickets…

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Docile: The challenges of responsibility to a cause, any cause..


I’m feeling wise, so here.

When you start maturing, you wonder and fidget with your brain, why Africa asa continent in general is so behind. Then you evolve from believing that the plight of the continent is tied to some deity that has cursed it. You grow some more and you either discern that deities may be more concerned with maintaining the natural order of the universe, you know, like the sun in place and rivers flowing into the sea than cursing you for the skin color THEY gave you, or so you rationalize it.

At a point, you are determined to make a difference, work hard and even dare to believe you can change things. Then the reality of the decay sets in. The stench of it, my God! It is cyclical. Truer is the fact that, once you have adjusted to the convenience of your life i.e. being a part of modernity as a professional income earning adult, you are less willing to forfeit that comfort to sacrifice your life in a frontline battle against the elements that make Ghana and most of  Africa  such a shit pile.

So you give up and watch T.V shows that amuse you. They give an escape from the horrors of your responsibility to your people. You may even wisely switch nationalities to secure the safety guaranteed by being the citizen of one of these western nations. These are my senseless thoughts this evening and it has to do mostly with how increasingly nonchalant I have gotten about Social media activism by a vastly docile and cowardly race of imbeciles. Goodnight