Nigger = Cracker Pt.1

Nigger = Cracker Pt.1.


Nigger = Cracker Pt.1

White supremacy is predicated on the falsehood that, a person is simply better or of higher value because of their race. White privilege is a natural offspring of the culture of white supremacy. That is no groundbreaking information. This is rather an exploration of how the psyche of non-whites especially us black people has been concentrated and directed towards the wrong targets. As we try to debunk and untether our society from the systemized effects of this culture of white supremacy and white privilege, we should be fully aware that our fight is not against white people. Our aim should be to completely eradicate the prejudices that limit and discriminate against any group of people based on the color of their skin. The goal isn’t ridding the world of white people.. We could argue that these are simply semantics i.e. white supremacy being the same as white people but on a deeper level, understanding that the culture of prejudice is alienable from the whites but more glaringly, that prejudice is not exclusive to whites — could be the gateway to better solutions for a level and equal playing field for all people. ALL.

Nigger = Cracker   Niggersandcrackerstext



We cannot ignore that discrimination by any definition is wrong, irrespective of the variables of the complexion of the discriminator vs the discriminated— if we consciously deprive a person of an opportunity based on race instead of criterion like merit, know-how/ability or potential. Prejudice is colorless, so it is equally awful to call any group of people by a racial slur just as it is to call white people by racial slurs. This isn’t a defense of white people by a long shot. It is just the truth. The real world effects of calling someone a “nigger” is no more derogatory than calling another “cracker”. Words can be hurtful and demeaning but at its core, those two words possess the same weight of disrespect and one should not trump the other. The struggle of dark and brown skin people over the past four or five hundred years is well documented. We are not overlooking it’s terrible effects on the race and especially the continent of Africa but we also, in search of finding an equilibrium for our past oppression, have to be embracing of solutions that do not pivot us in the same hateful and bigoted way in which our ancestors and even a lot of our people are still treated. It really sounds utopic to say, do not dwell on what wounds have been inflicted on the race but it does no good to reciprocate how we are still treated with a blanket hate towards white people. This is not a pass for them to keep being racist towards us but rather advocating for an approach that does not dwell on a tit for tat exchange.


Africans and people of color have to remove the effects of racism on us from the equation if we truly seek to re-establish the truth of our equality in humanity. That means, we have to control our own destinies, our own wealth and start teaching ourselves at the most core levels that we are not victims. We should invest in ourselves, tell our stories outside of the white supremacist narrative and establishing our existence in the world as not dependent on what white supremacy dictates. That means not begging for a black James Bond, however trivial that seems for this article. That also means, not lamenting the lack of black barbies or fighting that Jesus was black, or that white people can not have dreadlocks, or making every single blockbuster movie we make about slavery. There are countless rich stories about the black experience that don’t hinge on race that we can tell our progeny. Why dwell on the pity? This is part of a more expansive essay being written but it is time to share excerpts of it because our supposed leaders are continuously failing to understand the concept of value and independence. For as long as our independence has to be granted and validated by white supremacist culture, we remain their eternal subordinates. Born free, live free. You do not have to have the mindset that your freedom has to be re-negotiated and validated in order to be equal to all other humans..

There was a point to be made in all this but the attention span of the reader is too short these days so to be continued….