Ebola Brain…

I’m abrasive on this platform. Very opinionated in nature, almost dismissive and borderline unfriendly. I am yet to find someone who is willing to refute the points I’m trying to make nonetheless. Or maybe no one really gives two fucks about my opinion – I have considered that too. LOL

I speak on these issues with only one intention. To be an agent of change for the way a lot of us seem to think. The sense of entitlement and victimhood with which we address our Ghanaian issues.. African issues..

Either I’m an extremist, not compassionate or clueless. I strongly suspect otherwise but we can disagree on that. Mad men know what they see that drives them into the cold naked, right? LOL

So now that I have given you this long prequel to my pending rant, I hope you take your time to read through my points.

1. Africans are generally not a charitable people. I would dare call them downright void of compassion for the suffering masses.

2. We’ve all heard of this secret serum that seems to have cured two “white Americans” of the deadly ebola. The first reaction from most of us is why didn’t they give it to the Africans also and attributed it to some degree of racism.

3. Why aren’t we angry that our leaders and so-called wealthy people on the
continent have not stepped up and offered the pharmaceutical company with this secret serum a dime to accelerate the process. Instead, we want to sit back and whine about why and how only two Americans got it.

4. If the secret drug, forget that it is not a tried and tested drug that is ready to be administered to the general population, was given to two Africans and they died, the same people crying why would be accusing the west of using “the poor Africans” as guinea pigs for their untested and unapproved drug. We’d be hot on the tail of the “white devil” that seeks to destroy the black man.

5. Have you asked why in ALL of Africa, not ONE pharmaceutical company, is in the hunt — that we know of — for a cure to Ebola, a disease that seems to be mostly plaguing Africans?

6. What does the West or America or White people owe Africans? If you answer this question, with valid and provable points and facts, you can get my hard earned $100. Not much but beats the unsaved Cedi that is still waiting for our prayers to reach heaven so it stabilizes.

7. Until Africans, take responsibility for the gross mismanagement of their affairs and start competing in every area of modernity instead of looking for handouts and mercy givings, more of our people will die. They will perish endlessly and no number of prayer fasts or demon casting or blaming colonization will set things right.

8, If you are still here and reading, please hear me when I say this to you. The worst part of slavery and colonization has been psychological. The fact that a lot of our people believe that “whites and the rest of the human race” are plotting for our downfall. The fact that we think about our complexion more than we think about progress and how to solve our problems is in itself our downfall. Our predecessors set us up for failure because they made our struggle sentimental and deep rooted in an idea that we are viewed as less than because of our race. Wash that crap from your mind and teach your kids to not see color…. Even in the face of racism, they should know that their humanity is not a matter of opinion, internal or external for that matter.

9. Are you still here? Ok then. Hold your leaders accountable. That they can fly $3million on a plane to appease footballers but have yet to offer a Pesewa for the pursuit of a cure for Ebola is a really good indicator of where our priorities are. They are happily handing out hand sanitizers at the Kotoka International Airport while lying on radio that they have measures in place to prevent it from reaching Ghana..

10. Change your sense of entitlement. Africa is its own worst enemy. Stands in the ways of it’s own progress and fails to control its own destiny. The worth of every slave stolen from the continent between 1600-1800 has been exponentially paid for with all the donations and philanthropic acts dolled on the continent over the years.. If you want to know how, I have done the unsentimental math and I can prove it to you to get my $100 doubled.. Try me. Peace to all who hear and to those who keep silent and ignore me, good on you as well.
The bottom line is, I care too much for my own gatdamn good! Peace.


PS: Tell your people to stop eating those gatdamn Bats for survival’s sake… Sheeesh!!