God’s Bias

Is God biased? I wonder if this question ever crosses the minds of T.B Joshua, Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop Agyeman and Bishop Duncan Williams etc. These men, for all intents and purposes, are very successful men. They have improbable stories, the nothing-out-of-something narrative. Yet, their success is equally as visible for all to see. It would seem abnormal for them to question God, given their personal success. However, the flock they lead are facing dire challenges. Ghana and Nigeria, are facing some very challenging social  and economic issues at the moment. These men of God, they pray all the time. I think they genuinely believe that they are the chosen men of God who have direct access to Him.

We won’t get nuanced with the idea of whether or not God chooses specific men over others to lead His flock, or the counter-idea that suggests a serious level of egoism required to believe one’s self that important and special to have been chosen by God. This is not a mental exercise of that sort. The inquiry here is more about the bias of God, if there is such a thing. For as long as we’ve been praying in Ghana and Nigeria, casting out devils, demons and a variety of spirits that will give any liquor store in ghetto, USA a challenge, it makes one wonder when God will have some mercy.

The westerners who introduced faith to the continent, long ago stopped using magical faith as a foundation for building tangible, verifiable and impactful progress. To lay hands over the Akosombo Dam is more asinine than going to solicit a witch-doctor’s help to conceive a child. We prayed for the Cedi. We are praying for the Dam. We’ve been praying for a decent leader, one who has a plan for progress and the people’s interest at heart. A selfless one. Are the men of God, praying for the people to remain ignorant of the resources God has already blessed them with so the leaders can keep charging the masses for more prayers or  they genuinely believe that God’s blessing is delayed for a purpose? These are questions I’d like answers to and you should want answers to as well. Better still, we should be protesting against incompetence in every public sector institution and demand better. Maybe God is biased in how He doled out courage.  Maybe..



2 thoughts on “God’s Bias

  1. I’ve always wondered about this actually. And how God can take 5 mins out of his time to supposedly help you with your test/exam or whatever but is cool with thousands of children dying everyday through no fault of their own. Like, what makes you so special??

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