Assumptive Narratives Formed from Social Media Activism: Awam Anger

There is a  presumptive way of thinking that we are all guilty of on Social Media. We all have very strong opinions about right or wrong. The power we have now is unprecedented because, everyone has an outlet for their opinions in the public sphere. It’s a great tool that can be used by all to express themselves. This creates room for all of us to feel aggrieved on every single major or minor topic, irrespective of context or intent. There are people who are also willing to only present one side of a story to pillar their narratives.

I was gonna let this go because sometimes silence is good response to false accusations but then I thought of it and realized– if I remain silent while having the ability to express the truth and shed light on an issue that sorta shapes the narrative, I’m doing those involved an injustice. So this is about the Charity event held by BBnZ to feed homeless children on October 3rd which drew cynicism from certain people on Social Media. By the way, I get annoyed when people act like social media isn’t an integral part of our public lives. As if it exists in a different realm. That said, the outspoken Twitter user – Obaa Boni, self appointed defender of the defenseless– presumably, wrote an article intended to tear down the privileges afforded by “The Patriarchy” to one fat guy who she  made sure to point out was not exactly in the position to call others out because he was fat while simultaneously stating she wasn’t trying to fat shame him in the same sentence. I’m fat and Bay is fat, we both need to be working out more than we eat so I don’t need someone to be sensitive to my feelings. That’s a subject for another article but let me say this, just because you tell people to shape up doesn’t make it fat shaming, it’s called love and concern for the person’s health. Anywho, Bay’s crime was; he offended @f_aggrey and the world  of women by being harsh and brash with a Twitter user who cynically and disrespectfully questioned the motives of the Charity while mocking the event with a few incendiary tweets. How this even spiraled into an issue about feminism is confusing but yeah… The lack of objectivity in that article is an example of how overzealous we can become when we have just a bit of power, in this case the power to have an audience.

F. ‏@f_aggrey Oct 3
You give people who can’t afford food cooked rice today so that tomorrow they live off their imagination eh. 

F. ‏@f_aggrey Oct 3
@BBnZLive are you gonna do the food donation event every year or it’s just a one time thing to look cool?

How are the above tweets to be considered objective inquisition by any standard?

This is where the articles obvious bias and lack of objectivity blows me. A company ran by young Ghanaians, who have a vision and for the better part of their existence sort to be trailblazers in the hopeless economic challenges faced by Ghanaian youth decided to take on a charitable endeavor to feed homeless children and all non-doers are worried about is the motive? First of, are they collecting the childrens’ intestines after they feed them for instrumentals or selling their skin for leather? How is feeding a hungry child received with cynicism on any level? If by virtue of this charitable deed, BBnZ gains more business, fucking awesome! We should all be happy for that. But noooo, let the intellectuals, those who are great at making theoretical arguments about every human endeavor put their lenses on  and microscopes out to scrutinize every grain of rice served to these hungry kids. The tweeter @f_aggrey lacked decorum in the context of her questioning and tweets pertaining to the charity event. She was brash and disrespectful, trying to antagonize and belittle good work for her own personal attention drawing self. It was for the damn retweets or else she would have been better mannered in her questioning. How do I know this? Read her timeline, she’s actually a decent person with the ability to tweet with positive inquisition.And any deduction from this to suggest that asking her to be well mannered is patriarchal or sexist is pure fuckery, yes preemptive strike cos I’m tired of the BS labeling on demand. This idea that you can say whatever you like however you like for the cause you believe in but expect respect from those you offend is just wishful bratty behavior.

Honestly, I should go on about how wrong Obaa Boni is in her assertions because she neither bothered to contact BBnZ for clarification on their intent or position regarding this supposed concern for their intents but why bother, it feels like she is most interested in stirring things up rather than resolving issues. For people on either side of this argument, I’d suggest that being abrasive towards each other is never a solution for progress. BBnZ is under no obligation to explain themselves to anyone. Charity is not a requirement. The concerned tweeter, wondering which air the children would eat the next day, did not even ask or offer to volunteer to be a part of the event when she found out about it, she rather took to twitter to sarcastically disparage the organizers in the name of being cool too.  So yes, Deezy came for her neck, not exactly a great approach, no matter how witty, but he met force with force and that’s typically how the world works. Those of us who write on blogs, should never confuse what we do to be the equivalent of actual work done i.e. activism. Doers like BBnZ should be applauded, especially in our part of the world where wicked men and women are our leaders, Not to be melodramatic but our president was proud to supply 2,ooo kids with made in China sandals and got media coverage. Private citizens feeding homeless children is welcome any day of the week in my book, regardless of their intentions or motives. Applaud them.

As for the quotes for or against Charity, we can all have our pick of the litter.. Here’s one I like:

We leave you a tradition with a future.
The tender loving care of human beings will never become obsolete.
People even more than things have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed and redeemed and redeemed.
Never throw out anybody.

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. ~Sam Levenson~


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